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The group was cut off from the pod when Waspinator and Terrorsaur took out a snow bridge, and Rattrap radioed base to break the bad news.Fortunately Dinobot and Primal were able to set up a transmitter, and by the time Rattrap and the others got to the pod, the protoform inside had already been reformatted into Tigatron, who was able to help them fight the Predacons off.

The planet was rich with energon—so much so that prolonged exposure would short out their bodies.

When Cheetor ran off to fix it, though, Rattrap found himself going after him to stop him from doing anything stupid - which failed miserably, as Cheetor was captured by Tarantulas long before Rattrap reached him.

The rat and the spider engaged in a heated duel in Tarantulas' underground lair, with Rattrap gaining the upper hand by using a heat box to fool the spider's thermal scanner.

The Maximals and Predacons were forced to take organic forms from the local creatures; Rattrap took the form of a (very oversized) rat, and was dismayed to find that they were going to have to use the disguises to avoid the energon radiation.

Forced into battle, he refused Optimus Primal's order to rescue Cheetor on the grounds he'd get shot up.

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