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For further information about texts and locations, we provide relevant links to resources such as Aust Lit, Aus Stage, IMDB, Australian Screen Online, Queensland Places, Dictionary of Sydney, and regional websites and organisations.The Cultural Atlas of Australia is a companion to these other excellent resources.The Cultural Atlas of Australia is an interactive digital map designed to meet the needs of anyone interested in tracing the ways in which Australian places and spaces have been represented in fictional texts.The foundation of the project is a representative sample of 150 prominent, contemporary feature films, novels and plays set in the Australian landscape.The following all contain some valuable Indigenous studies content.Some will have Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander content organised by relevant category such as ‘Indigenous studies’; others will include this content in broader categories, which can be searched by subject or keyword; others are exclusively Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander.

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The many resources available from this page include The Australian Dictionary of Biography Online website is the Internet version of the ADB 's traditional print volumes.The biographical articles published in the first online edition are those found in the printed ADB : Volumes 1 to 16 in the continuing series and the Supplementary Volume.The articles are concise, authoritative accounts of the lives of significant and representative persons in Australian history.A linked listing of archaeology journals can be found here.You can link directly to the Association’s journal; this site also provides information about Australian and overseas university archaeology departments, Australian and overseas museums, archaeological associations, conference and seminar programs, Indigenous organisations and other resources.

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