Cant acces usb disk after updating windows

Uhh hi i have a HP computer and my microphone wasnt working so i went into sound and disabled internal, and external mic options and i was going to reenable them but they disapeared and i cant find them at all anyway i checked my device manager, computer, program files, and program files (x86) PLEASE HELP! The problem is everything works once and next moment it is not working. I noticed that double clicking on speaker icons and clicking on options and further trying to go into properties and advanced controls the advanced control area is shaded and does not let me chane the advaced properties.

Also if you get a ton I feedback, reduce the volume, I’m at about a third and my dad is Israel can here me fine. microphone (which is guranteed working in every other notebook)but without success.When I tried to use my mic to other computer, it is working well so I tried to fix it my computer but there’s always a problem. hi if any one can help i have a similar problem with the microphone i hear everything from incoming voice but others cant hear my response if you can give me some tips please i tried some option but they didn’t work thanx .Ok yalls I had the same problem with skype, and I finally got it working…The problem is that I can able to hear the person who I am talking with but he can’t hear me… The “microphone boosts” ( 1 or 2 ) are checked coorectly.. Earlier i had Sound Max Audio Drivers and all was fine, Now i have Realtek.. Hi, I am using a microphone for on Windows Mobile Emulator. Its hearing unit is working allright, but mice is not working.However, the sound recording function works properly.. I have tried all the instructions given in this website to rectify the microphone but failed.

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