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Rhode Island Greening apples round to oblong and are of variable size, but tend to be large.The tree grows vigorously, and produces fruit biennially.Captain Johnson said, "Tew, in Point of Gallantry, was inferior to none." but it is not known where he may have been born. One theory is that he was born in Maidford, Northamptonshire, England before emigrating to the colonies as a child with his family, although there is only a little circumstantial evidence for this. Tew is reported as being married with two daughters.According to one source, his wife and children all greatly enjoyed the New York City social scene after Tew struck it rich, There is evidence that he was already reputed as a pirate at that time, but no modern historian has determined whether this reputation was earned or not.He embarked on two major piratical voyages and met a bloody death on the second journey, and he pioneered the route which became known as the Pirate Round.Many other famous pirates followed in his path, including Henry Avery and William Kidd.

The fiber in apples—both soluble and insoluble—keeps the digestive and circulatory systems healthy.Not long out of Bermuda, Tew announced his intention of turning to piracy, asking the crew for their support since he could not enforce the illegal scheme without their consent.Tew's crew reportedly answered with the shout, "A gold chain or a wooden leg, we'll stand with you!Rhode Island Greening apples are available in the late fall through spring.The Rhode Island Greening apple is one of the oldest known American varieties of Malus domestica, dating back to the 1650s.

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