Dating reality shows gone wild

And it delivers: "In these moments I am presented with a metaphor for familial relationships so powerful I always end up yelling at the TV as if it holds all my relatives," writes Siegel.But what of the other reality TV shows we've spent time with again and again?Really, guy in Texas who thinks that 5-bedroom house for 0,000 is small? which is back on now), the "characters" are far richer than we are, and than the majority of people watching. They are jealous and petty and claw and talk behind back and divorce their husbands, and then sometimes they make up (with each other) and sometimes they pretend to make up and sometimes they don't at all.And yet, they are hardly better off than we, are they? They are estranged from each other, their children, everyone but Andy Cohen.Hankerings from the husband for a man-cave, a place of his own, a garage, a place to park his bike.The inability to fit one's bedroom furniture in the master bedroom of a place that's affordable. Tales of lives divided, tales of lives coming together, tales of lives ...

And modern reality television as we know it was born.

Should we not rush to physical relations because if the milk is free, the cow won't get much air time?

Should we learn to love ourselves before we can love others?

They are not an example for living one's best life, in most cases—they are examples of what not to do.

Because of that, usually, they are hopelessly, mindlessly entertaining, and terribly dangerous.

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