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You don't need to beat yourself up for feeling bad because you don't think you're supposed to feel bad. There's a Time and a Place for an Open Mind Keep your mind open about the kind of guy you might want, but stick to your rigid standards when it comes to your expectations. If a woman calls too often a man may label her as desperate.He's also likely to jump to the conclusion that she's already devoted to him and that leaves him feeling pretty comfortable in the relationship.It's a good idea to wait for the man you are dating to call you unless you two have agreed that you would call.If you do call, at his suggestion, and it goes to voicemail, leave a short message and don't call back.If you slept together and he didn't call you when you wanted him to, be true to that instinct of that pissing you off and tell him to fuck off if you're hurt. Don't let anybody talk you out of your high standards as being unrealistic.

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Women are often left wondering how they should handle phone calls with the man they are involved with. How many days should you wait to contact him after a date and what if you only ever get his voicemail?This is another of the dating phone call rules that women constantly break.They try and reach the man they are involved with and when he doesn't respond right away, they leave message after message.and you're starving for breakfast, but you don't say anything), you are setting yourself up for hating this guy even more when it doesn't work out. Because if he liked you the way you want a guy to like you, he would be cabbing over to your place and watching If He Likes You, You Can Do No Wrong; if He Doesn't, You Can Do No Right Doing no wrong includes sleeping with a guy on the first date, asking him out first, or e-mailing him a link to a video of a cat playing the piano.That said, if you sleep with him right away, you are betting the house.

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