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Perky breasts with pink areolas, she was nothing to be ashamed of at twenty-four. Being a doctor was a time-consuming affair, and she had little time for relationships. Still naked with nothing to wear, she decided to get a cup of coffee going and turn on the TV. She tried touching herself to masturbate, but that did not work. Catholic modesty from her Hispanic upbringing had cursed her. Nameless staring at her, and he raised his arms up and shrugged, as if to say: Is it my turn? " He went over to her, turned her around to face the washer, and bent her over. "I don't do that, stop," she said, trying to get away. She relaxed, bent over again, and let him use his finger. Slowly at first, and she just enjoyed the feeling of being stretched. This made things worse because she needed men and women to satisfy her unending appetites. She was only walking down the road between trailers, not really going in public. She separated her clothes and filled the basket with only the essential stuff she needed, put her sandals on, and set out into the bright sunlight. Well, she thought, I guess he won't mind sloppy seconds. But he put a finger up her ass anyway, and held her in place. But his finger persisted, sticking into her deeply, making her gasp from the violation of it. And to her surprise, she decided she liked it enough to let it continue. Then he inserted two, stretching her gently, and it felt good after awhile. He worked it up into her, and then pulled out, going a little deeper each time. Sitting naked on her couch thinking about this, her legs spread and her shaved pussy exposed to the sunlight through the window, waiting for the coffee to brew, she remained frustrated. She found some underwear, tried it on, but felt grossed out that it was still damp, and pulled them back off. Or would she attract every male asshole in the trailer park? The humidity, as usual, struck her like blast-wave. " Shawn retreated, looking a little dazed that he has just had a blow job. But then she heard a tube of something fart, and turned to see that he was putting KY on his finger and his long, coal-black dick. But soon she felt the press of his dick against her anus, and she hissed. She felt pressure deep up inside her and used her hand to push him back, but he kept coming into her deeper, and deeper, making her hiss. She used to have a male roommate, a nice live-in fuck-buddy, but he had moved on. Finally, she found one clean old white t-shirt, worn thin, and tried that on. She had to wash clothes at the park's laundry shack and that was that. She was sweating profusely by the time she got to the laundry shack. Many tenants had their own washers inside their trailers anyway. "Sorry, but I just saw your pussy," he said, and then became embarrassed, looking away. He decided for her, and pushed her torso back over the washer, and then nudged her legs apart. It began to feel real good, so she backed herself up onto him some more, felt him go deeper, and had to grit her teeth to keep from screaming.

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