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1 priority is the safety and well-being of our students, and that the Beaumont Unified School District takes reports of teacher misconduct very seriously,’ the press release stated. My son says there are drills where you get hit like that, and my son says, “Mom, it's football."’ Another parent at the school, Jeff Furtado, praised Martin as a 'great coach' and insisted to the station KCAL that it was just horseplay.Some local parents, however, have spoken out in defense of the benched coach. Mando Cuellar said his son was present during the incident depicted in the video and said all the boys laughed together afterwards.We hope you'll find this page helpful in carrying out your daily duties with student-athletes.he MHSAA Coaches Advancement Program (CAP) is an educational program geared to assist coaches in their growth and development as they advance in the field of educational athletics.The MHSAA may substitute an alternative coach’s education program for late hires which will fulfill the requirement on a temporary basis.

“If you're looking for bad stuff, you're going to find bad stuff, and I think that's pretty much what’s happened here, is that they went back and said, ‘They talk a lot,’” said French.

The Game Plans newsletter contains pertinent articles that will assist coaches in their daily planning.

Game Plans also publishes a record of all coaches who have been certified through the MHSAA Coaches Advancement Program.

In the minute-long clip, coach Martin instructs his player to stand against the wall, lift his hands above his head and close his eyes.

Peals of laughter are heard in the room and the boy has a hard time keeping a straight face.

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