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This was followed by a Bachelor’s Degree in Arts from Dartmouth College in the year 1985.

Laura wrote articles which create instant reader engagement and controversies, alike.Having said that, what if we say, Ingraham, who is not yet married, is a mother of three children? Mother of three children, Ingraham, remains unmarried fending off any issues of husband and divorce. On her way to success, she has been through many alterations. Ingraham, 52, is not married yet but is a happy mother.We must say she is a real superhero who has been able to balance both her personal and professional life despite many ups and downs.In 2009, Ingraham adopted a 13 month boy called Michael Dmitri and then in 2001, she adopted her third child, a 13 month old Nikolai Peter.Both the boys are from Russia As a popular radio talk show host and political commentator, she commands a net worth of million. It is believed that she will go for a pay cut and give up her book, radio and TV deals for a 6,000 secured government salary.

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