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I recently went to to see the 'psychic to the stars' Sally Morgan at Middlesbrough town hall, and if there was one word I could use to describe my night it would be 'boring'.First off I feel I have to say that I personally don't believe that psychics exist so, as you can imagine, I find people like Sally distasteful.

Another was when she was talking to a teenage girl whose boyfriend had recently committed suicide by hanging himself.Sally told the girl that she can feel him hitting her leg and that he was, infact, re-enacting swinging against a door as he was committing suicide.I now think that the vast majority of people who walked out of Middlesbrough town hall that night feel as i do – that someone who is psychic should know if the person they are talking to is dead or not and that it’s quite a messed up thing for a person to pretend that they are in contact with a dead family member.As the woman in the audience was not responding to any thing Sally was saying, she decided to ask how the woman in the photo was related to her.It turns out the woman in the audience got the whole concept of submitting a picture of someone you wanted to talk to from the afterlife completely wrong – and for some unknown reason submitted a younger picture of herself.

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