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However, it is thought that this area was used to the disposal of plague victims during both the Black Death in the 14th century and the Great Plague in the 17th century. A massive and ancient burial site which was partially excavated in the 1830's.It is likely that at least some of this site was used as a plague pit certainly in the 17th century and possibly in the 14th century.Although the specific location of the Stepney Mount pest fields are unsure, it is thought that they were in the area surrounding St Philip's church.If true, this would have been one of the largest plague pits in London and would have covered acres of grounds.The majority of these sites were originally in the grounds of churches, but as the body count grew and the graveyards became overcharged with dead, then dedicated pits were hastily constructed around the fields surrounding London.Unfortunately there is very little evidence about the exact location of these plague pits.There is still an open area which can be seen from 38 Scrutton Street, although the rest of the site has now been built over.The picture below is of Holywell Mount in 1665 and comes with the enscription During the Great Plague, the church of St Dunstan's donated a large amount of its lands for interring those who succumbed to the outbreak.

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The map below is an ongoing project and we’re always in search of new sites, so if you know of any omissions then please let us know by using the contact form at the bottom of this page.For though the plague was long a-coming to our parish, yet, when it did come, there was no parish in or about London where it raged with such violence as in the two parishes of Aldgate and Whitechappel.''[it was] a field not to be passed without a shudder by any Londoner of that age.There, as in a place far from the haunts of men, had been dug, twenty years before, when the great plague was raging, a pit into which the dead carts had nightly shot corpses by scores.Owned by Westminster School, at least some of these playing fields are located above a former plague pit called Tothill Fields.The rest of the pits are situated underneath nearby government buildings.

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