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“Nneka and all her friends, who are also ‘runs babes’ have their own cars,” she said.“They take good care of themselves especially their skin and hair that you would never imagine that they were into such a job.“The artiste is coming with eight other guys and they are all from the UK,” our correspondent told Liz, who responded that, “Bayo had told me everything already and I had let him know what’s up.So it all depends on you, I am ready once you are set.” For each of the four nights the ‘crew’ were to stay in Lagos, Liz demanded N150, 000 for each of her colleagues.

According to tales she had heard, only wealthy people – especially those working in banks and ‘big’ companies live on VI as the area is popularly called.

“The compound and the flat where she and two of her friends lived was very beautiful, you would have no reason to doubt that she worked in one of those big companies on VI,” the 22-year-old apprentice hair dresser told our correspondent during a friendly chat earlier in the week.

“But Nneka was a big-time ‘runs’ girl with top connections,” Chukwuma added.

Apart from boasting of two cars – a Toyota Corrolla (Sport) and a Lexus RX330 sports utility vehicle, both valued at over N4m, Elizabeth as she is originally named, lives in a three-bedroomed apartment in the Lekki Phase One area of the city where the annual rent is not less than N2m.

She shares the apartment with three other friends, who are also in the business of using their ‘natural endowments’ to make way for themselves.

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