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For example, when the date is checked, the return value, , is an array with elements 1 through 3 containing the day, month and year components of the input string.

For the time check, the array returned includes the hour (pos 1), minutes (pos 2) and, optionally, the am/pm string (pos 3).

Regular expressions are a very useful tool for a variety of string related tasks.

Just be aware that it means more requests to the server which can be slower than downloading and running Java Script code. The download package contains many samples of how to use regular expressions within PDI.Let’s start with a basic question that may present itself if you’ve never worked with regular expressions before.This post gives an introduction to regular expressions in general as well as some applications within Kettle a.k.a. Since the built-in Kettle steps use the Java regular expression engine, the samples in this post will be notated to work with the Java implementation of regular expressions.The article contains many samples to explain each concept encountered in regular expression syntax.

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