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I began to realise how unhealthy I had felt on a diet of cigarettes and alcohol in London.

It was sweltering and the daily 15-mile treks made me ultra-fit.

I could not complete a phase until my parents also made contributions, which would be made online.

I also had to learn the rules of the camp, which included no profanities and not asking staff what was going to happen next.

The girls have been sent to this desolate spot near Atar to endure the practice of — intensive force-feeding.

"The aim is to feed them until their bodies blow up like balloons," says Aminetou Mint Elhacen, 50, the woman wielding the cane.

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    'I grew up in a small Wiltshire village called West Tytherley and it was hard to keep any secrets – so in September 1997, two months after I was diagnosed HIV-positive, I decided to stop all the gossiping and make an announcement.

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    Babe was a great daughter, wife, mother, grandmother, great-grandmother and friend.

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    Geologically speaking, any given patch of land is seldom in equilibrium for long.

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