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He has co-founded and launched brands such as Mega and Lean among others.His first business was a digital music venture where he produced music for over 300 artists, including two Grammy-Award winners.Token Fest brings together business professionals from blockchain based enterprises including CEO’s, end users, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, investors, regulators, attorneys & developers to network and collaborate on topics such as: The ability to organize and create intimate, face-to-face networking experiences is the hallmark of any professional gathering.

Brinkley's background founding and leading media and tech companies has enabled him to acquire a unique blend of operational experience across the entrepreneurial lifecycle.The Token Fest Awards Program is designed to award industry best practices.We will be creating awards for a number of different categories to be announced later this year.All awards will be distributed at the event and decisions will be made by a group of qualified industry panelists.Individual companies will be encouraged to apply in order to make it on the ballot.

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    If there are some things that can’t be offered unless the Couchsurfers agree to share the cost, this should be discussed between the host and surfer (and should never be a requirement for hosting).