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It provides general guidance for all healthcare facilities.

The updated guidance expands on earlier guidance by emphasizing that successfully preventing transmission requires a comprehensive approach, beginning with pandemic planning that includes developing written plans that are flexible and adaptable should changes occur in the severity of illness or other aspects of 2009 H1N1 and seasonal influenza.

Now I'm adding new features to Guardian and developing a new plugin: FORWARD.

This plugin will allow to retrieve the last sent/received sms, last made/received phone numbers calls and retrieve numbers from the phonebook.22 February 06 - Flash SMS is finally available for download, the site will be updated soon to give a complete description of software.

Here follows a partial change-log:- New: The plugin's syntax is now case-insensitive- New: Integrated a cleaner to remove previous versions.- New: Confirm Message after writing Donation Code.- Improved: Hiding/Viewing icon.- Improved: General code improvements.- Fixed: Shutdown and Restart on N70 (Misc Plugin)- Fixed: Sometimes the sms sent from Guardian were empty (Forward Plugin)- Fixed: Crash managing some particular sms (Forward Plugin)- Fixed: Showing Guardian icon after remote disabling (Config Plugin)- Updated: Replaced "Request Code" with IMEI code- Updated: Changed all the UIDs to avoid conflicts with a very old beta version. Please, do NOT email me about, I will not have time to reply you.

All furthers details will be announced as soon as possibile.

If you want to suggest new features or request some improvement, you can ask it using This page, NOT via e-mail.

Here follows a partial Change-Log:- New: Option Menu' to Enable/Disable some Panels- New: TXT Viewer- New: RSC Viewer (beta)- New: MIF/SVG Viewer (beta)- New: E32Image Viewer- New: Tooltip to show decimal value- New: MBM Viewer can now handle 12bpp images- Improved: Selection on MBM Viewer- Improved: Automatic Showing/Hiding Tabs- Improved: Handling of unknown-format mbm images- Improved: HEX Viewer colours removed to improve performance- Improved: More Details when Opening a not-recognized sisx- Fixed: Various bug fixes- Fixed: Freeze when resizing form- Fixed: Extract Selected...

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SISXplorer integrates Explorer like features for sis archives (3rd Edition) with the powerfull of a Theme Viewer (Temi 3rd Edition).All the 3rd FP1, 3rd FP2, 5th, S^1, S^3, Anna, Belle devices are supported.If you own one of these devices, then visit the new website CDC is releasing updated interim guidance on infection control measures to prevent transmission of 2009 H1N1 influenza in healthcare facilities.The updated interim guidance applies uniquely to the special circumstances of the current 2009 H1N1 pandemic and will be updated as necessary as new information becomes available throughout the course of this influenza season.

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